Welcome to Addicted to Joy

cropped-022-14Welcome to Addicted to Joy

In case you have not noticed, I’m addicted to flowers too.  God allowed us to live in Boise, ID for twelve years and my gardening hobby met the amazing Treasure Valley, a climate where amazing flowers and plants grow. It was a treasure.

We also have a treasure in The Word, and my goal for this website is to encourage and entice people to get into the Word, because THAT is where real joy will find you.

I want to let my visitors know what they can expect we get the site up to speed.  With the help of my daughter Carrie, who is much more adept at the technology than I am, we hope to provide a buffet of spiritual nutrition for you to choose from.  

Once a week I will post a story to the Blog.  I know that some are at a point in life when they only have the time or energy for a 500 word story or devo.  That is perfect!  Start there.  

If you want to Go Deeper you will find longer essays based on a study of scripture or a biblical topic.

If you want a Bible Study, I will soon be posting studies that I have written and taught over the years.  My hope is that they will be interactive and that through the miracle of technology I will be able to assist you personally though the studies.

Finally, I want to introduce you to The Women Speak.  I am devoted to chronological Bible study.  I have written and taught a study that will help you understand God’s wonderful story and your part in it*.  This study will take a look through the eyes of the women who were a part of God’s story.

I had the privilege to teach this course several times in Idaho.  In 2014 I was invited to present at a women’s retreat in China. With the help of a great group of women who accompanied me, as well as a wonderful translator, I had the joy of sharing a shortened version of this study.  Two reflections about this study seem to come from those who have participated:  

  1. “I finally understand how the Bible story flows. Now I get how those Old Testament books fit.”
  2.  “After this study I see that God used many women, and that we are important to Him.”

Watch for Eve Speaks to appear soon.

I would love to have your thoughts and suggestions as we forge ahead.  May God bless you in your study and in your spiritual growth. May you find much joy through the journey.

*(This study was originally written as a complement to The Story, which was a chronological curriculum for churches, and it was available online to those who purchased the curriculum.  I allowed them to use this material since their program did not have a specific study for women. I am in the process of revising the material).