Good Gifts According to John

art-ball-candy-cane-247078     II.  Read John 1:1-4

            1.The Word and God

What is the significance of the word “He”, in verse two.

–To whom does that pronoun refer.


–If “He” was with God, how many persons were present at creation?


–Note the verse or phrase that corresponds with the following assertions from this passage:

He is Logos (Word)-

He is God- He is

Creator of life-

He is light-



John claims that Jesus Christ is both the “wisdom of God and the active agent of God.  Nothing was lost when logos descended to earth, when the mind of God invaded human history” (Moore 18).  When we read logos or “word”, we should think of the creative force, the will, and the mind of God, all three revealed in one human being—Jesus.

. The Word is Life and Light

This “light” is essentially all that is good about human life.  See 1 John 1:5-7’ Psalm 36:9.  Jesus’ life, as described in the Gospels, shows us the way human beings are supposed to live.  (John uses the word Phos translated ‘light’ 33 times, more than any other New Testament writer does.)

List the six descriptions of “The Word” from John 1:2-5.




Prayerfully take a few moments to meditate on these phrases.  Remember that from the writings of Luke we have a verifiable account of Jesus as a real person.  Now, reflect on how each dimension of Jesus’ life can change the world.

          3.  The Word, The Light, and Your life

In light of John’s introduction, consider how Jesus’ life influences about your own life:

  • Who is responsible for your human existence?


  • Would you have been born, apart from the will of Jesus?


  • What is the source of your life today, whether you believe in Jesus or not?


  • Think about anything you think is truly “light” in your life. How are they related to God’s gifts?


  • Is there anything, or anyone who can overcome what is truly your “light”?