Deserted Wives Speak- Study Part 2

Study Guide Part 1

Read Malachi 2:10-14

A nation’s leaders hold enormous power, but God is the source for truth and safety in individual relationships, as well as in business dealings. His Word, and in particular The Ten Commandments, make faithfulness the foundation of society.  We make vows and promises as a part of normal conversation and everyday living.  “Big” things, such a marriage vows, contracts to purchase homes or land, a will or trust, also require our word to be reliable, along with our signature to back it up.  People who keep their word develop a strong culture.  They are dependable so there is less risk in dealing with them.  People who do not keep their word create an atmosphere of distrust. Investors shy away, and individual relationships are fraught with broken promises and suspicion. But if the leaders are unreliable liars a nation will soon fall.

Israel had become a weak culture that could not be trusted…again.  They were unfaithful with God, and they were unfaithful in the most important relationships. Yet they complained to God because they were dissatisfied in worship.  Malachi chastised the people for breaking covenant because breaking covenant within a marriage relationship weakens the fabric of society and prevents a relationship with God. 

  1. God calls it Detestable: Breaking covenant breaks God’s followers. Malachi 2:10-14

The headings and verse notations in some versions interrupt the flow of thought in this passage.  The logical transition in Malachi chapter two, when not interrupted, shows the reader that the problem of unfaithful priests has resulted in unfaithful people.  The first nine verses of Malachi seem to be leading up to what God really hates. God has some strong language for those who break covenant.

  1. What specifically profaned the covenant God had made with the Israelites? (v.10)


  1. What does God call detestable? (v. 11-12)


  1. God pointed out that he knew they were disillusioned with their worship and offerings. Instead of blessing, they mourned.  They felt the distance from God, and they felt that He did not see them. However, the astonishing fact is that they were blind to their own wickedness.

What is the surprising reason that made God reject their worship? (v. 14)



Our relationships with each other, whether in the family or in the community, or in the church have a powerful effect on our relationship with God.  The choice to be trustworthy and faithful in all your dealings with others will open the way to a faithful and fruitful relationship with God.