Mary Speaks- Lesson 3

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III. Mary was faithful to God through joy, doubt and sorrow. 

Read Matthew 27-28

  1. Name the two who greeted Jesus, and note the messages that amazed Mary and Joseph when they presented Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem. What might have been troubling to Mary?

Luke 2:25-35

Luke 2:36-38

  1. What would have pierced Mary’s heart, even though they had escaped to Egypt shortly after Jesus was born? (Matthew 2:7-18)


  1. Read Psalm 22 and note what Mary must have realized on some level.


God called upon Mary because he knew her heart of faith and obedience.  The idea that faith and obedience protects us from sadness and suffering in this life is erroneous. Mary had to give up her own personal plans and ideas about almost every area of her life.  As Jesus grew into a man, she had to give up her right to protect him.  In the end, she had to give her son away to suffering and sacrifice.

Key Question:  What is your faith telling you to give up for Jesus’ sake?