The Unclean Woman Speaks-Lesson 1

apparel-close-up-colour-1070031aA Touch  

Read:  Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 5:24-34; Luke 8:43-48

It’s still an ‘untouchable’ subject, even though a woman is no longer considered ‘unclean’ when she is menstruating (See Leviticus 15).  The words “female trouble” provide a catch-all phrase to cover various health concerns that only women have to deal with. Men will steer clear by finding an understanding woman in the congregation to minister to women who suffer from these illnesses.  Many women still relate to the Unclean Woman of scripture because they too experience excessive bleeding, pain, and in a word- suffering- related to ailments of the reproductive system.  But Jesus wasn’t ordinary; He didn’t run, and He didn’t hide.

Real-life suffering touched Him to the core.

I.  What happened?

Any investigator will talk to every witness to get to the truth. There are three different points of view in this story. We can learn much by investigating the events that took place from the viewpoint of the unclean woman, of Jesus, and of the disciples.

  1. What was her problem and how serious was it?


Imagine the implications of this law.  Imagine that at least two weeks out of every month if a husband and wife even touched each other he was considered unclean and would need to go through the prescribed cleansing. What about the rest of the family?  The law was a tremendous burden on the people, and “laws” cannot change hearts.

  1. How did she know who Jesus was?


  1. How did she get the courage to approach Jesus and what was her attitude as she drew near? (Matthew 9:21; Mark 5:28)


  1. What did she do and what happened to her body?


  1. How did she react when Jesus revealed that she had touched him?


  1. What made her well?


What this woman did can help us when we face a daunting task:

  1.  Faith! Take action in faith.
  2.  Courage and persistence.
  3. Don’t let the gravity of the situation paralyze us to the point that we are unable to take opportunities that God provides.