The Unclean Woman Speaks-Lesson 2 


A Touch

II.  Jesus’ Viewpoint-  Matthew 9; Mark 5; Luke 8

The Gospel accounts give Jesus’ itinerary for approximately 48 hours before the encounter with the woman.  He had maintained a grueling schedule of healing and teaching, including the press of the crowds that were following him.  Remember, the Apostle John wrote that “the whole world would not have room to contain the books that would be written” about all of Jesus’ activities (John 21:23). 

  1. Go to the three passages that record this event and glance back at Jesus’ activities just before he encountered the unclean woman; briefly list what Jesus had been doing in that short time.



  1. Try to imagine the strain and pressure Jesus would have endured from this crowd. How would you describe it?


  1. What was on Jesus’ mind when this incident occurred? (Where was Jesus actually heading next?)


  1. What did Jesus realize the moment the woman was healed?


  1. What question did he ask? Explain what he did as he asked the question.


  1. Did Jesus pay any attention to the apostles’ comments? Explain his attitude toward them.


  1. What did Jesus say to the woman? Explain his attitude toward her.


  1. From Matthew 9:35-38, describe how Jesus viewed the people around him.



Jesus seemed to have unending patience and care for those around him:  the needy–the sick–his disciples.  Even the rulers who opposed him were a concern.  Meditate on the source of his strength, and how that strength is available to us who claim him as Lord and Savior.