The Unclean Woman Speaks-Lesson IV


III.  Touching Jesus.

The real-life story of the unclean woman is also a real-life story of every person who comes to Jesus.  What we experience when we come to Jesus is not unlike what the woman experienced.  Not only does faith lead us into a saving relationship with Christ, faith leads us to cling to Him and faithfully walk with Him every day. With the metaphor of the unclean woman in mind, meditate on the changes in our lives when we draw near to Jesus.

  1. What can the actions of the unclean woman teach us?


  1. What can the actions of Jesus teach us?


  1. What can the actions of the disciples teach us?


  1. Sin brings every kind of suffering. Make a note of some of the suffering that has brought you to Jesus with fear and trembling. (Hebrews 4:15-16)


  1. What is the proper response to the spiritual healing and freedom that salvation brings?


  1. Whom do we base our faith upon?


  1. How much faith do we need to respond to Jesus? (Luke 17:5-6)


Key Question:  What courageous action will require you to cling to Jesus in faith?