Martha Speaks-Lesson 1

Busy Believer:  Read Luke 10:38-42; John 11:1-44

bowl-cooking-herb-1109195 At this point in his ministry, Jesus was still popular with the people, but his enemies went from opposing Jesus to making plans to stop him.  Meanwhile, Jesus had openly declared who he is and had openly taught the disciples about his soon coming suffering and death.  After an intense period of travel, teaching and healing, Jesus arrived at the home of his friends, Martha and Mary, probably for some R&R.  There, the two women served Jesus in their own way.  However Martha                                             discovered the kind of help that was not helpful.

I.  Martha served Jesus. Luke 10:38-40

If we want to see a Martha, most of us need only to look in a mirror.  Even though we have deep belief, sometimes we try to hide a controlling spirit with a breathtaking busyness that takes away our peace and joy.  Not only that, we get irritated when others choose different path.

  1. Who “opened her home”?


  1. Who else was present?


  1. Use the following outline to contrast the attitudes and actions of the two women from Luke 10:39-40.

                                                          Martha                                                            Mary





  1. Considering Jesus’ activities of the preceding days, describe what might have been Jesus’ needs?


  1. Give a one word description of the way Martha reacted to her situation.
  1. Give a one word description of the way Jesus reacted to his situation.

At the time, a woman’s work truly was never done.  With no helpful appliances, all that was done was done by hand…the hands of the woman of the house and her servants, if there were any.  The day began with the grinding of grain for bread.  The household awoke to the sound of the millstones; the sound of the millstones meant there was food for the hungry.  Silence in the morning would not be a good thing (Jeremiah 25:10).  That work could take up to half the day.  We can only imagine what would be involved in the preparation of even a simple meal for Jesus and his disciples (possibly 20-25 people if the women are included).