Martha Speaks- Lessons 2

Busy Believer

bowl-cooking-herb-1109195II.  Jesus ministered to Martha. Luke 10:41, 42

The people who surrounded Jesus did not understand him, and sometimes their efforts at serving him were off-track.  His mother and brother tried to ‘rescue’ him when they thought he was delirious or misguided in his teachings.  His disciples wanted to protect him from clingy mothers and children.  Martha thought that a hearty meal at her table was what would serve him best.  Each of these assumptions might have been correct from an earthly perspective, but Jesus had a different perspective.  That is what he tried to help Martha understand.

  1. What showed that Jesus was thoughtful of Martha in his response?


  1. What do you think was the “one thing” that was needed? (Was it something he needed or something she needed?)


  1. What had Mary chosen?


  1. How would that have helped Jesus?


  1. How would that have helped Martha?


  1. As Jesus took the opportunity to make something clear about Mary, what did he teach Martha? (42)

Jesus said that Mary had chosen the “best part” (NET), “better part” (NIV), or the “good part” (NASB).  The wording implies that what Martha had chosen was not bad but what Mary chose was what he preferred.  We are reminded of his words to his disciples in Samaria, “I have food you know nothing about”.  He wanted Martha to think in spiritual terms right now and to let go of her affinity with earthly things.  We too would be wise to hear Jesus’ reminder to choose the best thing.