Martha Speaks- Lesson 4

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IV.  What is Admirable?

False expectations and a hectic schedule  will not help our belief any more than Martha’s frazzled way of serving helped Jesus that day in Bethany.  Martha used her service as a cover for her desire to control her life.  Mary was not the only one who had to do things Martha’s way; she even expected Jesus to see things her way. While service is admirable, another thing is more admirable.  We release the control of our lives when we have allowed Jesus to possess our hearts, minds, and our schedules.  This is admirable.  Then we can begin to understand and truly believe.

  1. As human beings it is impossible for us to fully understand God’s ways. How are God’s ways described in the following verses?

Psalm 145:17

Isaiah 55:9

Romans 11:33-36

  1. When did the disciples finally understand? (Luke 24:44, 45)
  1. List the ways that God provides help to understand His ways?

2 Timothy 3:15-17

Romans 8

James 1:5


Key Question: What do you need to change in order to choose the ‘admirable’ thing?