Mary Magdalene Speaks- Released

boat-chain-dawn-119562-e1552952231609.jpg Luke 8:1-3, Matthew 27:55-56

When I asked Mary Magdalene to tell me how Jesus had touched her life, she closed her eyes, as if she was not sure how to respond.  Finally, she began.  “I don’t think anyone could comprehend what Jesus did for me…unless they had experienced my life.  I cannot even describe my time before knowing Jesus as ‘life’.  I was chained in death.

“You need to understand that I don’t remember anything about that time but horror and evil.  I never remember a kind word or a loving touch; I do not remember parents or family.  Maybe I had them but I do not remember them.  I do know that I had always been possessed. Evil owned me, and people used me.  I do not know which came first, and I had never known a time when I was free of them before I met Jesus.”

“I was always hungry; I never remember feeling satisfied by anything.  I never had peace; in fact, I didn’t know what peace was!  It was as if forces inside had bound me and I had no power over them.  I was always angry because a part of me knew that what enslaved me was evil.  I looked around and I could tell that other people were not like me.  I would rage at the voices and the powers within me that even seemed to war with each other. Fear was the worst.  I feared other people, but I feared myself the most.”

She paused and with a sad smile she said, “I’m not sure I should say any more about that time.  It is better for me to leave it behind me.”

Then Mary spoke with joy and wonder, as if her miracle had just happened.  “Jesus is the reason I am alive today.  He cast seven demons from me and, that was the day I cam alive. Death ended for me when Jesus vanquished the powers that controlled me.  It was as if I had opened my eyes for the first time.  He was calm—and kind.” Then she added with added strength in her voice she added, “But he was oh—so—powerful!” 

“Many people were following him; his disciples were with him.  Some of their families were there too, so I joined them. Other women whom Jesus had healed of demon possession and sickness were with his followers.  I had no one else; Jesus’ friends became my friends.  When I came to know his mother and her friends, they treated me as one of their own. Before, evil and fear enslaved me.  Now, peace and joy surround me, like the warm sunshine.”

She continued with more intensity, “Jesus saved my life!  I know I would have died if Jesus had not come to Magdala that day. But I must tell you that I was with the other women when Jesus died on the cross.  I saw Jesus die, and I wept with the others.  We went to the tomb to prepare his body for burial after the Passover, and there I saw the open tomb!  I saw Jesus!  Alive!  He spoke to me and comforted me.  He even sent me to his disciples with the message, ‘Tell them I am alive.’”

“Jesus released me from the grip of the worst evil.  However, Jesus raised himself from the dead!  Now I know Jesus also saved me, and I will see him again.”  Raising her hand toward heaven, she sang, “He deserves all honor and praise and thanksgiving.  Now I belong to Him, and it brings me great joy.”