Mary Magdalene- Lesson 2

boat-chain-dawn-2II. Bondage is Our Choice. Romans 6:15-23

Freedom and slavery are used to explain the purpose of Jesus’ life and death on earth.  We can join Mary Magdalene in rejoicing in the resurrection because slavery and freedom are not just a metaphor, but the reality we live with as human beings. Deepen your understanding by examining the following passages.

  1. How does sin enslave us? (Galatians 5:18-21; Romans 8:5)
  1. If we sin more don’t we show how much grace Jesus has? (Romans 6:15)
  1. To what or to who are we enslaved if we are disobedient? (Romans 6:16; Galatians 5:2,3)What is the end result of sin? (Romans 6:16b)
  1. If we voluntarily present ourselves as slaves to God, what is the pay-off for us? (Romans 6:17-18, 23)
  1. Since sin must be paid for by death, whose death covers the cost of our sin if we choose God? (Romans 6:23)

We don’t often pause to consider the experience of the women who stood near the cross and  watched Jesus die, and then were present at the empty tomb.  We give a cursory reading to lists of names in order to concentrate on what Jesus went through.  But it can be meaningful to take a look at these details, understanding that the writers listed these names for a reason.  When we realize that we also experience the resurrection of Christ as people in need of a Savior, our empathy for the real, life and death situation those women faced make the story even more significant.  It is significant for us because sin will destroy us unless we make Jesus the Lord of our lives and stand by him faithfully, just like the women followers who witnessed his crucifixion, burial, and resurrection