Mary, the Mother of Mark Speaks

fig-food-fresh-33791Safe Place:  Lesson 2

II. Mary, the mother of John.  Acts 12:12-13; Mark 14:51

This Mary is only named one time in the New Testament, but studying the events and people that surrounded her gives us some important information.  We can discover several reasons why Peter knew that Mary’s home was a safe place. Her example will still benefit those who want to serve God in our day as well.

Mary’s home: Acts 12:12-13

Though the early Christians met in homes (Acts 8:3), it was also the practice for many Jewish synagogue meetings to take place in an extra room or a home that would accommodate a group.  It would actually have been the natural thing for the Christians to meet in homes especially after the persecution of Christians by the Judaizers.  These people used what they had to benefit the Kingdom.

  1. Describe Mary’s home from 12:12-13.
  2. What word describes the number of people  gathered there?
  3. What was their purpose for coming to her home?

Mary’s influence:  What we can learn about Mary’s family also gives us knowledge about the kind of woman Mary was.

What do we know about Mark from the following passages?

  1. Mark 14:51
  2. Acts 12:12, 25
  3. How did the following evangelists describe Mark?

Peter- 1 Peter 5:13                                                      Paul- 2 Timothy 4:11

What do we know about Barnabas from the following passages?

  1.  Colossians 4:10
  2.  Acts 4:36-37
  3. Acts 11:22-26
  4. Acts 13:2

What are fair conclusions that we can draw from this information about Mary’s home and influence?

Tradition tells us that Mary’s home was a recognized center for the church in Jerusalem.  It may have been the home where the Upper Room was located.  She and her family were helped build the church.  When Paul went to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Peter, they may have stayed at Mary’s home (Galatians 1:18).  Even from the little information that is revealed about Mary, Mark’s mother, we can trust that her home was a safe place.  Her hospitality to the church blessed the Kingdom; ours will too.