Lydia Speaks- Lesson 1

Open Door:  Acts 15:36—16:40

purpleWith little fanfare, Luke describes how Paul arrived at Philippi, where he met a woman who opened her door for the first church in Europe.  Upon arriving in a new area, Paul’s strategy was to connect with the local synagogue where he knew he would find followers of God.  He would introduce Jesus to them as the promised Messiah, through whom they would find salvation.  Often the doors to the synagogue soon closed to him, as well as the minds of the synagogue leaders. However Philippi was not a Jewish region, and there was no synagogue.  God led Paul straight to Lydia.

I. Led by the Spirit. Acts 15:36—16:10

The second missionary journey began with what might have seemed like a step backwards– a disagreement between Paul and Barnabas.  Actually, hindsight gives us the advantage of seeing that the ministry was doubled as two teams were now evangelizing.  Discover how God led Paul and Silas to Philippi.

  1. What was Paul’s desire? (15:36)
  1. Who joined them in Lystra? (16:1)           Who joined them in Macedonia (16:10)
  1. Why didn’t Paul travel into northern Asia (Bithynia) like he desired? (16:6-10)
  1. Note that Paul’s team was redirected two times. What door was open to them? (16:12)

Christians had been scattered all over the known world during the years of persecution in Jerusalem, yet there is no record of any churches that had been established in Macedonia before Paul arrived. Now the Lord had prepared the way, and He had opened the hearts of some who would carry on the responsibility even after Paul’s team had to leave.