Bride of Christ Speaks

The Royal Wedding:  Revelation 19:6-10

banquet-candle-catering-1114425The bride stood straight and proud, joy shining in her eyes and nearly trembling with excitement.  Her groom was coming and she was ready—more than ready—to feel his arms wrapped around her.  This long time of preparation and waiting would soon be over.  She had finished her work, and she dreamed of a wedding supper unlike anything ever seen before.

“The only thing he asked me to do was to invite everyone. And he is coming!” she said joyfully, clapping her hands in excitement. Celebration, laughter, friendly conversation, wonderful food, and lots of ‘oohs and ahhs’ would be heard all around as everyone shared in the joy of their love.  This is what she had been working and waiting for.

Many others stood with her, some sharing her joy.  Others, leaning in to each other, lips covered to hide their whispering.  Some were talking behind her back.

“Just look at her!” they said.  “Why would anyone choose her?”

“She’s no beauty for sure.  What kind of a wedding gown is that anyway?”

“It looks worn out, dirty.  Why, there are even bloodstains on it!  And look at her face…wrinkled.”

“Oh my goodness, you are right!  She looks…old….”

Others were not so kind as to keep their comments to themselves.  “What are you waiting for, lady?” shouted one onlooker.  “You’ve been saying he would come back for years and years.  Give it up.  He’s gone. He’s not coming back!”

“Why would he choose you?  You don’t have anything to offer.”

“…if there ever was a lover.  I think you have made it all up.  You must be crazy!”

Some had not confined their antagonism to words.  This regal bride had endured much. With patience, she had withstood years and years of attacks.  For some reason, those who did not know her, or her groom, could not tolerate their story.  Rather than let her continue in her hope, they could not resist persecuting her. The blood on her gown was evidence of the anger she seemed to incite, simply because she chose to be faithful to the One who had professed his love to her.

Maybe the most painful to bear were the condescending comments from those who feigned concern or friendship.  “Oh, my dear, put away these delusions,” they said. “You know they cannot be true.  It has been too long and the whole thing just does not make any sense.  I know a good counselor who can help you be more rational.  It is time to get on with your life and give up this waiting.”

Sadly, those who refused to befriend the groom, and who wanted no part of the wedding plans actually were the delusional ones.  Blinded by their own selfish interests and ideas, they were unable to see the true beauty.  The bride was beautiful to behold.  She wore dazzling jewels, unrecognizable to outsiders.  In fact, what they thought had value was worthless, and they had rejected the true riches that could have been theirs.

This groom was unlike any they had ever known.  This groom planned his wedding celebration with attention to every detail. He had not only been busy preparing their dwelling place, he had also been arranging for the complete and wonderful transformation of his bride.  He knew every wound and every scar she bore.  He was aware of every tear in in her eye, and of ever tear in her gown. What he had planned for his beloved bride would put every Cinderella story to shame.

What is more, the bride was completely aware of how she appeared to the groom. And she was completely confident in the love he had shown her because she knew the bride price had been outrageously high.  He had spare no expense to be her groom, and she  would never need to feel ashamed with him.  She had no fears.  This was no ordinary bride.  She was completely unconcerned about her gown, her make-up, her hair, her shoes or any other superfluous detail. Unlike most women, this bride did not intend to be the center of attention. This  bride will never say, “Look at me.” 

She will say, “Here comes my groom.  Look at Him!”