The Bride of Christ Speaks

Royal Wedding–John 3:16-36; Matthew 9:14-17; Revelation

banquet-candle-catering-1114425II.  The Bridegroom. 

In weddings today the bride usually steals the show.  But in the Word, the groom is most important because he is the Lamb of God.

Discover what John says about Jesus.

1.  What is the clarification about Jesus that John gave to his disciples? John 3:16-36:

2. Describe the actions and desires of God, the lover of mankind? John 3:16-17

3.  How does he  explain Jesus’ superiority? John 3:30-31

4.  What is John’s warning? John 3:32-36

Discover what Jesus said about himself.

5.  How does Jesus describe His followers? Matthew 9:15

6.  How does Jesus describe Himself? Matthew 9:15

What do the following passages from Revelation say about the bridegroom?

Revelation 5:6, 9

Revelation 7:9-10

Revelation 7:17

Revelation 19:7

The New Testament clearly teaches that Jesus is the lamb (John 1:29; 1 Peter 1:19).  Jesus claimed to be the bridegroom as well.  The two familiar metaphors come together in Revelation where the lamb and the bridegroom are Jesus.  When we understand the price Jesus paid for his church, we understand the depth of love involved in the bride metaphor.  We as individuals, and corporately should feel cherished by the groom who shed his blood for us.