Red Letters

John 3:16“And he said to them, ‘Let us go on to the next towns, that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out’”  Mark 1:38 (ESV).

From the start, Jesus’ ministry was miraculous.  He helped, healed, cast out demons, and dealt with opposition—all of these things were important blessings for the people.  Jesus was divine, but he was human.  This ministry was a heavy burden.  There was/is no end to the number of people with needs.  No end to evil.  No end to opposition.

We read in Mark 1:35-38 how Jesus maintained his ministry, and how two things might help us keep up the pace as well.  He rose early in the morning, went to a place by himself, and prayed.  He connected with his source of power. He did that purposefully, early when he would not be interrupted. Most of us have been reminded to follow Jesus’ example to spend time in prayer and meditation.  But do we do it?  Do we make the time, find the way, carve out the space to spend private time with our source of power.  We must.

Jesus’ words reveal the second key.  “That I may preach…for that is why I came out”.  The time with the Father kept Jesus connected to his purpose.  His mission was to preach the Good News of the coming Kingdom.  He made sure his attention was on his purpose.  As we follow Jesus’ ministry through the four Gospels, we can see this is the main thing.  Preach, tell, and share the only thing that is truly good and perfect— salvation.

Jesus saved us from destruction and our response is to share the way of salvation with the rest of the world. There was/is no end to the power of salvation.  No end to God’s love.  No limit to the power and presence of His Spirit within us.

The reminders of this purpose may become repetitive as we work our way through the spoken words of Jesus.  But his main thing must be our main thing.