Night Songs, Psalm 8

astronomy cloud clouds cosmosPsalm 8:1-9 “How majestic is your name in all the earth.”

Sometimes I wonder if God is giving up on this world and I fear the future.  However, the thought that the Lord’s name is ‘majestic in all the earth’ speaks volumes.  If anyone had seen a culture disintegrate, it was David.  He had endured and participated in fractured leadership of his people, destruction within his family, and his own brokenness.  Yet from the bedrock of his heart, he could write this beautiful comforting Psalm.  It is a comfort because David had not given up on the earth, nor humanity, and most importantly, he had not given up on his Lord.

Notice the contrast…babies vs enemies and avengers.  Who are the babies and infants?  WE ARE.  Yet a baby’s cry is God’s verdict that humanity is worth saving, and this is a direct hit against Satan, whose one goal is to destroy everything that God called good.  Do I have the strength to stand up to such an enemy?  No way.  But even God’s creation is a reminder of where our strength lies and where we can find our personal bedrock.

At night, I can see the moon from our bedroom window.  What a powerful and comforting reminder that even though I am weak as a baby without God, he “is mindful of me.”  I do not have to fight my battles; I do have to cling to the one who made me. I will not give up on my world, my community, nor myself.  I can rest because my family is in God’s hands, which is the safest, best place to be.  So I joyfully cry out, “O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”