Merry Christmas

To our dear friends and loved ones,

We have received lovely cards and greetings the last few weeks. This will have to be my “Christmas card” for 2021. I think of the many Christmas celebrations here in the US and in Mexico. Memories warm my heart: -Our first Christmas tree as newlyweds in 1972 -my little ones-so excited with the tree-including clear pictures in my heart of each of my babies crawling or playing under the tree. -wonderful Christmas dinners with family and friends all around -adventures in Mexico driving to the Christmas party destination with staff of Ninos de Mexico -hosting staff/faculty Christmas suppers for BBC and SLCC

But this year and every year I’m reminded of what Christmas really means. May we marvel at the gift Jesus gave us when he chose to squeeze his glory into a human body… to be wrapped up in skin that would feel pain and human indignity. May we marvel, not at a Christmas tree but at the man who hung on a tree to give us the gift of eternal life, so that we could go live with him, and see the life he always meant us to have.

I hope the realities, join with our festivities this year, to renew our hope in Jesus and to encourage us to remain true to him until we see him face to face.


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