About Me

The basics

  • I married Terry Stine in 1972.
  • We have three daughters, one son, and nine grandchildren.
  • I attended Ozark Christian College and then graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry from St. Louis Christian College.
  • We have served together in Arkansas, Missouri, the country of Mexico, and Boise, Idaho.
  • My favorite hobbies are reading and gardening.
  • I believe one of my gifts is hospitality and the Stine BBLD (Bed-Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner) is open anytime we are home.
  • Mine is a story of how God has allowed most dreams to come true.  The dream of becoming a writer is moving from a tiny bud of possibility to an actual blossom.  As usual, he brings life to this dream in the most amazing ways. It is my joy to be a tool for his glory.


More of the Story   

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was around 10 years old.  I remember “not feeling” anything after my baptism. A wise older (12) friend told me if I would just to get to know Jesus I would understand.  She was wise beyond her years and knowing Jesus continues to be the driving force in my life.

I grew up on a farm in Missouri, a walk through the field from my grandmother’s house.  We were a close family and my parents were strong believers, worked hard, and took good care of my younger brother and sister and me.

I met my husband, Terry Stine, at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, about halfway through our freshman year.  Terry wanted me to know from the beginning that he would be a missionary, and if that wasn’t in my plans there would be no relationship between us.  I tell people that is when I heard my call to missions! But I answered him honestly; I was open to whatever and wherever God called. Forty-six years later, I’m still open to whatever and wherever God leads.

Together we served in youth ministry and located church ministry for 11 years.  I taught Sunday School, led kids programs and worked with youth choirs. We were blessed with four children during those years, and I was thankful that I could stay at home with my kiddos.  

In 1986 we headed south—way south—to minister with Ninos de Mexico, a home for orphaned and abandoned children, located near Mexico City, Mexico.  Terry served as Executive Director of this wonderful ministry for 20 years. Our children ranged in age from two years old to nine years old. I loved on kids, scrubbed bathrooms, helped host work groups, served as dorm mom, gave piano lessons, led choirs and dramas… and tried to encourage and help the women on staff.  One of the most challenging thing I took on during those years was to establish and then direct a K-12 school for the children in the home. Somehow, with God’s help and despite our many mistakes, we also managed to raise four wonderful kids to become productive adults who now serve the Lord in various ministries of their own.

In 2006 we headed to Boise, Idaho, where my husband established an intercultural ministry degree, and then he became president of the Boise Bible College in 2008.  During our time in Boise, I helped out as an adjunct professor. I also had the honor to serve for seven years as director of ministry to women with Eagle Christian Church. Then, it was my joy to care for two of my preschool aged grandchildren for several years.

We moved to Missouri in June of 2017 where Terry became the president of St. Louis Christian College.  Now, as he is settling in to his new ministry here, I am again “finding my niche” in new surroundings. I have enjoyed speaking, writing and teaching during my years of ministry alongside my husband. It seems the time is right to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way with others through writing.  God is good and this dream will be realized in his good time and according to his good will. May every thought and word bring him honor and glory.