Excellent thoughts from my dear friend Angie!

Reaching out to Grace

This spring and summer we have had a whole lot of rain.  As a result, we have much greener grass and healthier plants outside, but we also have had a lot more weeds coming up among the plants.  I weed one weekend and by the next weekend, it looks like I haven’t done anything.

One dictionary definition of a weed is “a plantconsideredundesirable,unattractive, or troublesome,especiallyonethatgrowswhere it is notwantedandoftengrows or spreadsfast or takestheplace of desiredplants.”  I have found that sometimes undesirable, unattractive or troublesome things  grow weed-like in the “garden” of my heart too.  

One of the “weeds” I have to constantly uproot is selfishness.   It is “natural” to consider my needs above others and want to protect myself, my stuff, my time, and my turf from others.  No matter how naturally this…

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